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  (一)You"re Right, Sir
  Mr Jones had a farm outside the town. His wife was often ill and his children were young. So he couldn"t look after it by himself. He employed(雇)Jack and Harry as workers. He tried to pay them less though they worked hard. The food for the two young men was bad and they lived in a short and wet house on the farm. They tried to find a way to make reprisals(报复).
  Christmas was coming. Mr Jones said he had no money to pay Jack and Harry. So they couldn"t buy any birds for their families. When Jack was taking some vegetables to Mr Jones, he saw two fat geese(e) hung near the window on the second floor. He told his workmate about it. They decided to take them away.
  It was dark when the two young men got to Mr Jones" house that evening. Jack placed a ladder against the wall and Harry was going upstairs while a policeman was passing there.
  "What are you doing there?" the policeman stopped to ask.
  Harry was too frightened to say a word. Jack answered in a hurry, "Mr Jones often helps us. So we"ve brought two fat geese to him."
  The policeman had a look at his watch and said, "It"s ten past two. They must be asleep. Don"t disturb(打扰) them late at night. Bring them here tomorrow."
  "You"re right, sir," Harry said. He came down with the two geese and then hurried off with Jack.
  1. _____ , so he employed the two young men.
  A. Mr Jones needed some helpers
  B. Mr Jones felt lonely on the farm
  C. Mr Jones had no time to work on his farm
  D. Mr Jones had to look after his wife
  2. Jack and Harry wanted to make reprisals because _____ .
  A. Mr Jones was going to send them away
  B. Mr Jones was too rich
  C. they were too poor
  D. Mr Jones was very bad to them
  3. The two young men tried to get the geese for _____ .
  A. themselvesB. their families
  C. the policemanD. Mr Jones
  4. Harry was afraid _____ , so he couldn"t say a word.
  A. he would wake the Jones up
  B. he would fall from the ladder
  C. the policeman would regard them as thieves
  D. the policeman would share the geese with them
  5. The foolish policeman told the two young men _____ .
  A. not to make any noiseB. to take the geese away
  C. to hang the geese againD. give the geese to him
  Bill, Robert and Mike study in a middle school in a town. And they"re all in Grade Three. During their holidays they came to a village by a large lake. They hired(租) a boat and went fishing in the lake. They happened to come to an out-of-way(偏pi的) place. They were very happy because there were plenty of fish and it was easy to fish there. Before long they got a lot of fish. Bill wanted to go on fishing but Robert stopped him. He said," Look up! There"re many clouds in the sky and I"m sure it"s going to rain."
  "Let"s leave here quickly, "said Mike," Or we"ll be drenched(淋湿)."
  When they left the place, Bill said, "We"d better make a mark(jihao) here so that we"ll easily find the place tomorrow."
  "All right," Robert said happily," Let me do that."

   An athlete was debating with an old monk.
   "Life lies in movement," the athlete roared.
   "Life lies in quietude," the old monk whispered.
   "Quietude is idleness!" the athlete said plausibly.
   "Movement is fickleness!" the old monk didn"t give in.
   "Quietude is a pool of backwater!" "Movement is a gust of dark wind!"
   For the essence of life, the two of them argued heatedly among themselves. So far each of them sticks to his own version, unable to convince the other of accepting the definition of life.
   In fact, they may completely think from the angle of the other and completely abandon the dispute, for life not only lies in movement, but also quietude.
   A flower in silent bloom is a kind of beauty, so is a bird in swift flight.



  (一)Shopping To Remember
  Last Sunday I went shopping alone, in a lane1 with stands2 on both sides.
  I was looking at the goods on sale, when a young man stopped before me.
  "Excuse me, do you need a watch?" he took out a small beautiful electric watch.
  "Let me have a look."
  "It"s worth 100 Yuan, but I can let you have it for 10 Yuan."
  "It looks very nice, but I can only afford 5 Yuan. "I said.
  "That"s OK."
  I gave him the money and he passed me the watch, and in a second disappeared among the crowd.
  On the way home I felt pleased with my wonderful bargaining3, the first one in my life. When I got home I began to start the watch. No matter how hard I tried, it refused to move. It was a false watch. I will never be cheated like this again.
  (二)Planting Trees
  On March 12th, we planted trees on a nearby hill. My task was digging holes. The slope was very hard and the pick1 sometimes struck sparks2. Soon I was sweating3 all over. Some students fetched water from a little river at the foot of the hill. Luckily when we were about to finish, it began to rain.
  In the rain, we worked even harder, joking all the time. It was good to be soaked4 through by sweat and then by rain.
  We were glad to see the ugly hillside covered with saplings5. In a few years, they would grow into big trees.
  (三)Let"s Make the World a Better Place to Live in
  I learned in the radio program that in the USA there are a lot ofactivities1 in which children take part to volunteer2 their services. These activities are intended to help the unfortunate people or the children in the poor countries. They offer service to a charity organization3, and do whatever they can to help. They feel good doing something that can make differences to someone"s life. These activities are encouraged in the USA. It helps children to have a sense of communities, and learn to do things for a good cause4. Sometimes their activities are like what we have in China.They have clothes-drive in which they give clothes, and food-drive in which they donate5 food. All of these activities make them feel good and happy. They feel that it"s their pleasure to be able to help those in need. It is a part of their education. They are taught that helping others will be repaid in some way later or now in life.
  In China it is almost the same case, we are often taught the importance of helping those people in need. We have many activities to join. We are called on to volunteer services, to give money or food to the people who are unable to help themselves or the orphans.
  These activities teach us a lot. We are coming to know that the whole world is a community, that we must help each other so that our community can work well. Every member is important. We must learn to help those who have difficulty in life and cannot support themselves. In China there are a lot of people who live in poverty. In city we see some people are out of job. For these people life is difficult. They do not have means to raise children or keep the family. On TV we know that the government is doing all that can help. I think it is important for all of us to lend our hands and help. It will be our greatest pleasure if our help can make their life better or bring a little difference to them. Let"s all join our hands to make the world a better place to live in.
  ①lane n. 小xiang
  ②stand n. 摊(wei)
  ③bargain vi. 讨价还价
  ①pick n. 十字镐
  ②spark n. huo花,火星
  ③sweet vi. 出han;n. 汗,汗水
  ④soak vt.使湿透
  ⑤sapling n. 幼树,树苗
  ①activity n.活动
  ②volunteer vt.自愿
  ③organization n. 组织
  ④a good cause n.phr.为好事
  ⑤donate vt. juan赠,赠予



  James Cameron"s Avatar is inventive and smart, but it"s become such a huge success so quickly that one has to wonder if some larger cultural factors aren"t at work. Here are five theories:
  1. Escapism. The Great Recession fills our lives with endless drudgery, and this film is the grandest escapist fantasy out there.
  2. Corporate tie-ins. Fox masterminded a multi-faceted marketing strategy involving Coke Zero, LG, McDonald"s, Panasonic, and Mattel.
  3. Movies are making more in general. The main reason for this revenue swell is studios" improved ability to sell films to audiences around the globe.
  4. Conservative backlash. The Weekly Standard may have done Avatar a favor by calling it "anti-American" and "anti-human"—all PR is good PR, after all.
  5. Fox"s Internet savvy. The studio deftly responded to initial disappointment over the trailer by releasing a steady stream of online content to keep the conversation going.